Breakthrough in prostate cancer diagnosis as scientists discover 17 genes that radically increase chance of carriers developing the disease

Our thanks to Mike P for this. Extracts:

A genetic breakthrough promises to improve prostate cancer diagnosis.

British scientists have discovered 17 genes that radically increase the chance of carriers developing the disease.

The findings will help create a test to identify those at risk.

Until now academics knew of only six genes linked to prostate cancer, but the research gives a total of 23 that can be assessed in a simple spit or blood test.

The findings by the Institute of Cancer Research in London show men who carry any one of the mutations are on average three times more likely to develop prostate cancer than men who do not…

The researchers found that men with four of the newly discovered genes were on average 11 times more likely to have aggressive tumours than prostate cancer patients without the genes. For one of the genetic mutations the risk of aggressive cancer went up 70-fold, the European Urology journal reported.

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