Paul Elam: Welcome to the rebirth of A Voice for Men

An important announcement.

The new AVfM mission statement:

It is the mission of A Voice for Men to provide education and encouragement to men and boys; to lift them above the din of misandry, to reject the unhealthy demands of gynocentrism in all its forms, and to promote their mental, physical and financial well-being without compromise or apology.

We wish Paul Elam every success with this change of direction, and will remain as supportive as we have since we launched J4MB in 2013.

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About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Does this mean that people who were ejected from the AVfM site in the past will be allowed back into the discussion? In other words I hope this is a real clean slate reset.

    Too many MRAs have been ejected in the manner of creating a type of meninist iteration of a feminist safe space for people’s feelz, when many of the ejected are certainly real MRAs who were never aiming to be disruptive just for the sake of disrupting, but, in the minds of many, goodness only knows why, or because feminist style MRA trigger warning safe space…

    Also many react badly to ultimatums, the ‘you’ll be ejected if you don’t behave the way we say you should’ sort of threats, especially by the historic ‘I came up with the whole idea of the MHRM and you guys should do as your told/as I prescribe Paul Elam’, that was certainly coming through in the above so called rebirth where he seems to claim responsibility for everyone else’s success.

    Paul needs to take that on board if he’s truly trying to deal with men’s mental issues.

    Many veteran and active MRA’s have viewed their past and seemingly forever rejection by the AVfM website as a badge of honour, indeed there have been many threads/discussions on that matter. …It’s a shame when we all seem to get along famously with the many rejected when we meet in person at ICMIs.

    I only reject one type of comment from my site, advertising bots, I am delighted when people who have opposing views or idiots comment, …what other reason is there for discussion? Everything else is regurgitation or Southpark GAY, …like barring people you disagree with or for them touching a legitimate/pertinent raw nerve. People don’t need to be governed, in fact government, us delegating our responsibilities to others is the reason we ended up with feminism in the first place.

    George Orwell would say cyberspace is doubletalk/doublethink, this is not virtual reality, this is actual reality and it certainly follows that an oppressive website is the first cousin of any other oppressive regime that can not stand against any intellectual challenge or falls to pieces if everything isn’t regimented.

    What happened to ‘I’ll fight for your right to free speech for you to be able to voice your opposing view? Quite frankly all this safe space ejection nonsense is deeply shameful and the antithesis of Paul’s excellent and controversial rebuttal of Jezebel…

    If this is a proper reset, …then I applaud Paul.

    We live in hope.

    • Mike Buchanan

      Thanks Angelo. I suspect Paul’s motivation in keeping some contributors off AVfM are similar to mine in keeping them off J4MB. A staggering amount of time and energy is expended by MRAs engaging with feminists, and 99.9% of it would be better deployed on productive activities (one of the themes of my talk in Oz). How many feminists have ever retracted their views after being challenged / attacked by MRAs? My guess is none, or very close to it. They know they can waste our time and energy by coming up with crazy stuff, and that makes comments streams very hard work for people wanting enlightenment on issues. Many people enjoy having websites where they can exchange information and views in a non-hostile environment. There must be countless websites where challenging individual feminists in comments streams is the order of the day.

      As you know, J4MB has an additional reason to moderate comments – the fact that people could post comments which could be represented as being endorsed by J4MB. We’re taking enough of a risk campaigning against MGM without having to face false claims of anti-Semitism, for example.

      While I take your points on board, AVfM / J4MB have gained traction to an extent that they have run ICMIs, highly complex affairs entailing a huge amount of work – all of it unpaid. I don’t see the prominent challengers of AVFM (J4MB has few of them) making anything like the same effort.

      Best wishes,

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  • Groan

    “I think fathers think they don’t really need expensive, showy trinkets, or anything like mom’s bouquet of flowers.” he says. “They’re not typically gift oriented. They generally don’t expect anyone to feel an obligation to buy material items for them.”

    Part of light hearted article on fathers day .
    But illustrative of the differences between the sexes in general. Feminists have very successfully tapped into the male impulse to protect women and children and to take care of things rather than be taken care of. Many of the issues raised that particularly affect men did so prior to any feminist leverage in our society (for instance differential sentencing etc. in criminal justice). Is this “nature or nurture” ? Well I don’t think this matters practically speaking as it’s so deeply entrenched in the fibre of our society.
    I think one has to engage with men where they are. All the research indicates men are far more committed to abstract ideas of fairness, even at their own expense, and justice and doing the “right thing” . Hence I believe a Party highlighting unfairness and injustice has a potentially greater reach. My experience may not be typical but my experience of friends who have divorced appears to be uniformly that they expected fairness, which included mothers having more contact because they believe children need their mothers. Only to find both the system and sadly the mothers manipulating the rules to take unfair advantage of their willingness to put others before themselves.
    Concrete issues of unfairness and injustice are what most resonate.