General Election 2017: Greens aim to end ‘period poverty’

Our thanks to Nigel for this. The start of the piece:

The Green Party of England and Wales is promising free sanitary products for those who cannot afford them.

The Greens pledged to end “period poverty” by providing towels and tampons to secondary school pupils and women in financial need.

A 5% tax on sanitary products has caused controversy and 320,000 people have signed a petition to abolish it.

The Greens said the project could be funded by adding VAT to some products that are currently exempt.

The party singled out aircraft repairs and “the sale of airships” as areas they could target. [my emphasis]

Nigel writes:

Sometimes the Greens make it too easy to lampoon.

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About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Lawrence Newman

    Victoria Derbyshire this morning: gender discrimination in horse racing. It’s getting more infantile all the time. You’d think the Greens would put forced genital cutting of boys before tampons but no. Being Green, you’d imagine they’d want the wimminz to let it flow freely to save the planet.

    • Marat

      I presume the feminists believe that female jockey’s lack of success is down to the innate misogyny of horses, which refuse to run as fast for women?

  • Slowcoach

    The Greens are Reds in flimsy disguise, Period Poverty is facile alliteration and nothing is ‘free’, ever.

    • Craig Martin

      Nothing is free!

      So effin true.
      But those Feminuts and their Lefty cohorts fail to grasp that Government money is not the Governments money – it’s taxpayers money.

      • Mike Buchanan

        I think it’s not so much they don’t grasp that, the parasites simply don’t CARE. As Mrs T said, ‘Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money’.

      • Craig Martin

        Yep, you’re right.
        I should know all this by now.

  • Lawrence Newman

    I left a few comments on HYS pointing out how sexual suppression of males is of no importance compared to an already lowered 5% tax on tampons. Like clockwork I get 2 men claim they were cut as adults, one who said it makes no difference, the other who said it INCREASED sensation. What is wrong with these men? Why are they lying?

    I’m fuming about this. Why can’t they just support ending VAT and bringing back the luxury tax and leave gender politics and feminism out of it? When men on HYS point out men have to pay tax on razors, they get told it’s not the same? How? I can’t not shave as I can’t grow a proper epic beard like Mike, and I find hair irritates my skin. We also have to pay tax on toilet roll and men shit more because they eat more.

    Stop the SHIT GAP!

    • William Gruff

      What is wrong with these men? Why are they lying?

      You can’t reasonably accuse them of that Lawrence. It may be that sensation is increased for them. It may be that it isn’t but they believe it is, in which case they are not lying or it may be that they are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Perhaps they are lying but doing so to protect a religious belief or from a disinclination to offend someone, like their mothers or female partners.

      I think the substantive question here is were they cut shortly after birth or before puberty, and if so, how can they possibly know.

      • Lawrence Newman

        They said as adults. It’s impossible though to have more sensation as the foreskin is where all the sensation is. The glans doesn’t do anything other than provide a physical structure for penetration.

        Of course, it’s possible they’re female feminists, but there are men cut as adults who say this, so for whatever reason they’re lying. Is it ego? You know how many men exaggerate their penis size? Like that. Not wanting to feel sexually inadequate?

      • Craig Martin

        That’s an interesting question Lawrence. I’d like to see some takers to this.

      • Lawrence Newman

        I kept quiet about it from when it was done to me at 14 to around the age of 21 when I formed some semblance of a sex life with my second girlfriend. She seemed to be satisfied but I couldn’t feel anything. Maybe because I was more assertive by then, I told her about it and she told me to go see a urologist , who wasn’t helpful at all as he said “there may be nerve damage but good luck proving it!” At the time I was so ignorant and uneducated I walked away frustrated and without drawing attention to the obvious, that you can’t NOT have nerve damage if you cut off nerves.

        Looking back, I kept silent about it with everyone before then, even though it was eating away at me continually.

      • Groan

        For me the point is that its an unnecessary procedure which carries risk. We don’t allow children to be tattooed for the same reason. The risk.

      • Lawrence Newman

        100% risk of harm. I’d rather have had ‘I love Harriet Harman’ tattooed on my chest than be foreskinless.

  • Marat

    Saw an interesting thing on Matthew Wright yesterday morning. Apparently when a candidate stands down in order to get their voters to support a candidate from another party, this encourages voters to actively vote against the preferred candidate of the person standing down.

    Are you listening, Sophie Walker and the Greens?

    • Groan

      I hope you are right.

  • Groan

    Did I miss something do many Airships get sold in the UK?

    • Mike Buchanan

      I suspect this resulted from one of the last-minute manifesto phone calls, someone said ‘chips’ and the person doing the writing thought (s)he said, ‘airships’. Easily done.

    • William Gruff

      As I understand things, airship manufacture is an area the Greens intend to develop because of the potential benefits to the environment of recycling all the hot air generated at Green Party meetings and conferences. Green Party hot air taxes could be sufficient to provide everyone with everything they want, at absolutely no cost to ‘the government’ or the environment.

  • jb

    The Greens are a great disappointment to me . I am concerned about the environment and would, for example welcome strong control of immigration because of its effect on so many aspects of our lives eg demand for limited water supplies . But the Greens never seem to be aware of these issues let alone address them. So the environment continues to be spoiled while they focus on nonsense like this.

    • Lawrence Newman

      It’s because Greens are internationalists, like the Tories, Labour, SNP, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and even UKIP (believe it or not). They don’t prioritise their own country, they look at it from a global perspective. We’re in a bizarre situation when whatever party gets into power, they will not prioritise the security, well-being and environment of the UK and its people; instead, they’ll send 13 billion in foreign aid every year while British men rot and die in the streets.