Sarah Champion’s Twitter stream

Sarah Champion’s Twitter stream is here. She presents herself as a victim, and allows others to present her as such, while she was the perpetrator of violence against her husband. Scrolling down her tweets I see she has concern only for women and girls, none for men and boys. She is clearly unfit to represent all victims of domestic violence.

If the woman had an ounce of shame, she would resign today.

4 thoughts on “Sarah Champion’s Twitter stream

  1. Assaulted with his OWN picture?

    That’s even worse than I thought.

    What a nasty man, forcing a vulnerable girl who only wants fairness and equality to defend herself with a weapon that is not even her own.

    This can only shew how little women have in this misogynist world.

    I call for him to give her the picture, and for an end to the patriarchy!

    Here is a suggested specimen
    (speci-woman?) letter you could send to your M.P.

    “Dear Madam,
    It has come to my attention that the Patri
    (cont. over)

  2. Words like odious, femarxist,
    agenda, pernicious, dissembling, misandrist, manipulative, biased, bigot, lying, oh and many others come to mind.

    All they need is assembling in the right order.

    I was sorry however, to hear that her violent ex husband damaged her lovely picture by hitting it with his face.

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