Petition – ‘Amend Exclusionary Rape Law that excludes woman from committing rape’

It’s long been known that women carry out a significant proportion of sexual offences against men, women, and children, but the criminal justice system turns a blind eye to the matter. We covered the issue in our 2015 general election manifesto (pp. 31-7).

Feminists drafted the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and defined rape as a crime only men can commit. So I was pleased to learn today of a petition to the government and parliament which has attracted 875 signatures in just two days, an encouraging start. If and when it reaches 10,000 signatures, the government will have to respond to it. Please join me in signing it, which will take only seconds. Thank you.

If everyone who read this gave us just £1 – or even better, £1 monthly – we could change the world. Click here to make a difference. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Petition – ‘Amend Exclusionary Rape Law that excludes woman from committing rape’

  1. Paul
    Can I suggest you watch the movie disclosure with Micheal Douglas and Demi Moore.
    if you don’t want to watch it all, then fast fwd towards the end where it turns out the “incident” is recorded onto a telephone answering service and you can pretty much make out what has happened.

    other than that – google is your friend..

  2. Men are equally susceptible to all the ways a woman can be raped. Drugs, drinks, coercion, and restraint, even while asleep. Just as women can be become physically aroused during rape so can men be made aroused without sexual attraction too.

    It is a seemingly little know medical fact is that physical arousal is an automated body response just like changes in breathing, heart rate, digestion, and perspiration. Pain and physical threat, as well as conscious desire, can also cause erections in men and arousal in women. Women can experience orgasms during rape and so can men. Almost all men will have experienced random erections for no reason at all, often at awkward moments, so it is easy to see arousal is not automatically to do with sexual desire. It is amazing how little people realise this about men, especially judges.

    Rape of women by women is also not a crime. You do not need a penis to penetrate someone or stimulate their genitals. Why should rape only be restricted to how women experience sex, and then only related to penetration by a penis. Any use of another’s genitals or body for sexual pleasure against their consent should be called rape, as well as using their genitals on you against your will. The current definition of rape is totally inadequate

    The law should reflect the seriousness of the crime for men as well as women and should recognised all people as capable of being raped by perpetrators of any gender. Only then can we properly assess the extent of the issue, put in place better services for victims, and assess how much child or family abuse, or natural instinct, causes people to become perpetrators. Sentences should be gender blind.

    Letting half the population be free of prosecution is not a healthy situation. Even if women are charged with the lesser criminal offence of sexual assault they still get lesser sentences, Getting women also liable for the rape charge is only half the struggle, but a vital first step. I have signed the petition.

  3. instead of trying to portray women as rapists, men should instead concentrate on substantially redefining current feminist created terminology as to what REALLY constitutes rape and what should be a more realistic age of consent. .Because under the current definitions, virtually every man can be branded as some sort of offender. But once again, the gentlemen code makes men feel uncomfortable telling women what the rules should be.
    Only in western countries, and in particular English speaking countries, are the rules so markedly stacked up against men. Undoubtedly, the gentleman tradition has everything to do with it.
    A very high price for western men to pay in order to keep up a tradition so out of place with the reality of today’s world.

  4. Paul, why the double standard? A female minor may ‘welcome the education’ from an older man, but would that make it acceptable? Of course not. For the answer to your question ‘How does a woman rape a man’ I suggest you read the manifesto pages to which I linked.

  5. I’ve signed it but am puzzled by the mechanics. How does a woman rape a man? She may importune him but forcing him to enter her ??????? non-starter.

    Men’s and women’s offences against minors may often be similar, both depending on seduction/mutual attraction. That said, my guess is that losing virginity for a female is a far bigger deal than for a male, who may welcome the “education”. So, on that basis perhaps the penalties and level of disapproval should be different. Gay stuff is another matter.


    Paul W

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