Karl McCartney MP: We must ensure schools and colleges are ‘boy-friendly’

Our thanks to Douglas for this, a piece by Karl McCartney (C, Lincoln). His seat is our #18 target in the 20 top Tory marginals (at the 2015 general election) which we plan to contest in the 2020 general election. An extract from his piece:

We need to make sure schools and colleges are boy-friendly through inspiring them, helping them see what they can achieve and also being positive about masculinity. It is OK for boys to like cars, building sites and generally getting dirty. Boys want to be young men, and young men want to be grown men – we should celebrate and nurture this, not try and make boys something they are not. More male teachers would certainly help.

Then he lets himself down with uncritical comments such as this:

There has been much focus, policy and leadership on matters such as the lack of women on Boards and the gender pay gap.

There is, of course, no ‘lack of women on Boards’, and I don’t have the strength or inclination to write anything more about the gender pay gap right now. On the basis of merit, women are already at least five times over-represented on FTSE100 boards, and the government is driving ever-higher over-representations. 96% of women appointed to FTSE100 boards in the past five years have been appointed as non-executive directors.

Then he partly redeems himself with this, criticising ‘the shrill equal pay brigade’.

Perhaps we should just be grateful, at this stage, that a second Conservative MP, following the lead of Philip Davies MP, has strapped on a pair.

4 thoughts on “Karl McCartney MP: We must ensure schools and colleges are ‘boy-friendly’

  1. I started following McCartney on Twitter a month or two ago. he’s retweeted a number of links in support of Davies and I also noticed him expose goings on at Lincoln University too. I understand he opposes all women shortlists so this is far from a one-off.

    I’d argue J4MB should have a list of MPs they won’t be standing against at the election. For me, this would total approximately 4 MPs:

    Philip Davies, Karl McCartney, Dominic Raab and possibly Lucy Allan.

    I suppose on the other hand, if you were to contest such seats and the BBC organised another “gender debate” then you’d actually have the leading candidate agreeing with you.

    Anyway, I’d encourage everyone to follow Karl on Twitter, he’s getting some abuse from feminists for his speech on there so must have got something right: https://twitter.com/karlmccartney

  2. MPs need to know for sure that abandoning feminism and supporting equality is a vote-catcher. There has to be a clear message for them that the public like what they have to say. To that end, we ask everyone who cares about society to support the original whistle-blowing MP, Philip Davies, regardless of their personal politics.

    Let us all help give MPs the courage to rebel against the tyranny of political correctness by putting our name in support of the first of them to ‘come out’ against feminism!


  3. Being fair, he himself (as opposed to the “journalist” writing) points out the “positive” gap for women under 29. The Independent piece is really dissembling as it quite rightly points out the part time “gender gap” has increased, but doesn’t say that this is another “gap” that is in women’s favour! For the perfectly logical reason that many part time women workers are Doctors, Solicitors etc. with high salaries. Jobs in which men rarely are PT. I shall write to support him as I hope other MPs feel emboldened to state the truth.

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