Sex in return for shelter: homeless women face desperate choices

Our thanks to Kevin for this, from The Guardian. Around 90% of the street homeless are men. Needless to say, the government needs to focus on the 10%. An extract:

The government needs to do much more to address the problems homeless women face, and to prevent women becoming homeless in the first place.

7 thoughts on “Sex in return for shelter: homeless women face desperate choices

  1. Dear Epistemol, I am fully aware of the biological element. However, allowing women to undermine every institution men created and men’s standing in those institutions as well as in the professional world is a very very recent phenomenon. It was not the case during the time of The British Empire,was it ?. Women were not allowed to meddlle in men’s affairs, women were not allowed to compe with men for positions of leadership, women were not making all sorts of false sexual allegations either. Remember ? And men were still competing for women’s attention. How can that be then ? And may I bring to your attention that in Victorian times, the female prison population was nearly 50%,as compared to today’s 2%. And men did behave like gentlemen during those times.
    These above mentioned facts clearly suggest that men’s biological competition for women is not the cause of today’s terrible anti- men situation per say. The cause of today’s situation is clearly the fact that men have misplaced and misunderstood the notion of what it means to be a gentleman in today’s, post emancipation world. Because men are mis-translating the notion of the gentleman into ignoring women’s shortcomings at the workplace, giving them extra lenient treatment, not complaining when women get off the hook more lightly, etc.. All for wanting to behave like gentlemen. And this is precisely the problem today. Society had changed too much for men to continue behaving towards women like they did a hundred years ago or longer. Especialy at the workplace. I’ve been saying this over and over but it seems most men are unable to grasp this simple truth. Men can still behave like gentlemen, but not at the workplace. Everyone must be treated according to merit and with the same yardstick there. is that so hard to understand ?

  2. My take on your observation, Sanity, which once puzzled me greatly is that like so many things it is biological and evolutionary in origion.
    Very briefly, that is to say that for most of human history men would have been in competition with other men, not women, and if you could damage other men’s breeding chances, it would enhance your own.
    Like so many of the big questions, as opposed to the details, I suggest that the answers are usually simple.

  3. Once again, gynocentrism is and always has been the prerogative of the gentlemen and not only of the feminists’. Thus, men are unwittingly and indirectly supporting feminist agenda,to their own detriment.

  4. I just looked in at the Guardian comments and the well recommended comments, even for early comment doors, have been removed by the Guardian for not abiding by community standards. John Jeffrey and Habura made some very salient points in their response to such blatant sexism without their comments being in anyway offensive.

  5. Thank you Guardian for allowing the ‘Agenda’ director to open my eyes to the horror that I now find myself in: Yes, Yes, I am a kept man. Free board and lodgings for, you’ve guessed it, access to my body. How used and abused I feel, traumatised even. Save me Agenda, I know you only campaign for women but surely, surely, there is some degree of common humanity whereby you will look favourably upon this poor benighted male’s plight. P.S. I want the house, the cars, the dog, the greenhouses, the holiday cottage and a suitable stipend to see me through the trauma.

    On the plus side, at least the few comments(3) to the article in the Guardian highlight the inherent sexism.

  6. But whose fault is all this, and where is the extra funding coming from?
    No wait – I think I might have already guessed.

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