Front-line women to room with Marines to ‘boost team spirit’ – but critics say plan has disaster written all over it

Our thanks to Ray for this. The consequences of this insane proposal are all too predictable, including legal actions which will collectively cost taxpayers millions of pounds, as well as compromised operational effectiveness and efficiency. How will this ‘boost team spirit’? It won’t. One commenter, Raflad, wrote this:

I’m a serviceman. To dilute infantry capability in the name of political correctness in this way is absolutely nuts. The advance of feminism in other fields might cost money but this is genuinely going to cost lives so that idiotic people who’ve never served a day in their lives can tick a box and feel better. Monstrous.

5 thoughts on “Front-line women to room with Marines to ‘boost team spirit’ – but critics say plan has disaster written all over it

  1. I noted the Admiral agreed that there would inevitably be “incidents” . In effect as women aren’t usually held responsible for their sexual behaviour the Admiral is willing to throw some men under the bus of PC. As the men will be the ones punished for “incidents”.
    In my experience people, men in particular are woefully ignorant of the decade old Rape and sexual assault laws. They need to be educated so as to always record evidence of encounters. Its sad but there is a real issue. Look at so many of the false accusation cases and how often the guy is able to prove his version of events from a mobile phone. Its sad but men do need to protect themselves.

  2. Can see Saunders being really busy as a large part, of what should be, an effective military force is on bail for offences against feminism.

  3. My husband was Special Forces. He says it’s giving them a ” get out of jail free” card.
    WHEN they can’t hack it – not if – they’ll be casevac’d home pregnant. And apparently that costs the Army a fortune since now they have to hire civilian medics with appropriate experience.

  4. it almost looks like women want the inevitable sexual assaults to happen in situations like that, so they can then file claims and get huge pay-outs. A scheme to make huge sums of money real quick at the expense of society. If this proposal gets the green light, it will be another case of complete madness of women being tolerated by good old gentlemanly manners of men, but one detrimental to the male soldiers, the military, the society and the economy. In other words, looks like it is high time to reform or re-think certain traditions taken for granted for centuries. The situation on the ground has changed drastically and men need to adjust to it. Not only will it be better for men, but for the entire country. And that’s reason enough.

  5. This had got ‘stupid’ written all over it.
    However it is, according to the article in the Mail, still at the proposal stage so it may not come to pass.

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