Socialist Worker comments on the conference

Ah, the Socialist Worker. Possibly the only paper which makes The Guardian and Independent appear insightful by comparison. This was published today. The piece claims the conference was held last week, when it was held over 8-10 July. Socialist research is an impressive thing, as we found out with the New Statesman yesterday – one of their geniuses couldn’t find J4MB on the website of the Electoral Commission. In the word of Homer Simpson, Doh!

4 thoughts on “Socialist Worker comments on the conference

  1. If my long memory serves, the original saying was, “You can’t eat your cake and [still] have it.” Sayings get mangled and “rationalised” over the years.

  2. I was just about to post almost exactly the same comment. Perhaps we should dumb-down this longstanding metaphor for the benefit of those with Socialist learning difficulties to: “You can’t eat your cake and that cake remain uneaten.”

    Or is that still not simple enough for these cretins?

  3. Also yet another article that says this site published the reasons women lie about rape. It’s a link to another site which even then isn’t the original.

  4. “….the International Conference on Men’s Issues, whatever that is” Well it kind of says so in the title, and any respectable journalist would research it before commenting.

    “What’s the point of having a cake if you don’t eat it, Troublemaker wonders.” Do any of these idiots even know what the phrase means?

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