Philip Davies MP – selected videos

A supporter who’s a Gold party member (only £25.00 pcm) has requested that I write a blog piece linking to key videos of, and concerning, the estimable Philip Davies MP. An excellent suggestion, I thought. In chronological order:

16 October 2012: Philip Davies debunks feminist lies about prison sentencing (14:48)

28 May 2015: Jess Phillips’s WOEFUL maiden speech in the House of Commons (6:39, but it seems longer, which is always the case when this odious harridan speaks. Note the 200+ downvotes from feminists. This video really got under their skins. We must post more videos of her.)

27 October 2015: Jess Phillips seeks to block Philip Davies’s application to debate men’s issues on International Men’s Day (10:34)

19 November 2015: Philip Davies introduces a debate about men’s issues on International Men’s Day (43:17)

8 July 2016: Philip Davies’s presentation ‘The Justice Gender Gap’ at the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, London (44:48)

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