Sophie Walker (leader, Women’s Equality Party): MPs such as Philip Davies make me proud to be a feminist zealot

Enjoy. An extract:

I don’t expect much of this to hold sway with Davies, or indeed with the Justice for Men & Boys party, who regularly send waspish updates to inform me that I have again been named their “Lying Feminist of the Month”. (This usually prompts an eye roll, and another order of doughnuts in our office.)

Hmm, wouldn’t an ethical response to being publicly branded a liar by another political party, not to order doughnuts, but to refute our charges that she – and Sandi Toxic, come to that – demonstrably lied? As an example of Walker’s shamelessness and lack of moral agency, it would take some beating. She wants the freedom to lie without consequence, and unfortunately the mainstream media let her – and other toxic feminists – get away with it.

A list of the award winners is here. Both Walker and Toxic have won it twice. Only Caroline Criado-Perez has won it more often.

7 thoughts on “Sophie Walker (leader, Women’s Equality Party): MPs such as Philip Davies make me proud to be a feminist zealot

  1. they now have a pop up banner not just asking you to contribute, but almost demanding it, with the “be fair” comment.

    looking forward to the guardians crash and burn. shame that these articles are the ones they are most likely to be remembered for

  2. isn’t ordering doughnuts after objective criticism just a sign that you can’t take the truth?
    isn’t that what they call comfort eating?

  3. P.P.S.
    Anyway, she’s NOT a “feminist zealot”.
    That is sheer attempted image manipulation.

    She’s a greedy, egotistical, self important, nascissistic, egregious opportunist twit on the make.

    Apart from that, alright.

  4. P.S.
    Doughnuts have to be paid for, after all.
    But what if they were made and or sold by men?
    Had she thought of that.
    Hmm – tricky one…
    This politics business is turning out to be more complicated than she thought.

  5. At THE conference ’16, I was unexpectedly lucky enough to sit next to Erin Pizzy.
    She said they were in it for the money.
    That sounds about right.

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