Feminist film titles

Following yesterday’s news of a feminist remake of Ocean’s Eleven, we thank Mark for posing the following comment:

I got involved in last night’s explosion of #FeministAMovie puns on Twitter after some simpering media cuck said MORE Hollywood classics should be remade (ruined) this way. It was hilarious. Crybabies came out in force and the tag was quickly de-trended by TwittPolice but some big laughs were to be had. Some highlights of my own work include:

Hubby, I Took The Kids
Driving Miss Andry
Who Boiled Roger’s Rabbit?
Invasion of the Bodyshamers
Degrading Private Ryan
Childless In Seattle
Blaming John Malkovich
Raging Bullshitter

One thought on “Feminist film titles

  1. There were obviously a great many people coming up with the same puns simultaneously. Some choice entries naturally featured: ‘The White Knight Rises’ and ‘Fat and Furious.’ ‘Dr. No Means No’ didn’t get enough traction for me.

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