2 thoughts on “Judge Peter Ross slams the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for pursuing allegations against a man despite there being no realistic prospect of conviction

  1. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/alison-saunders-should-be-sacked-for-the-janner-case-and-for-her-absurd-views-on-rape-10353802.html
    Saunders have been protecting a Labour MP from prosecution for Rape. If he was conservative then she would prosecuted.

    The Guardian calls her “probably the UK’s most experienced criminal prosecutor” yet, she cannot understand how a man in front of 10+ people and in front of CCTV camera in a subway station allegedly managed to less than 1 second, manage to put three fingers into her vagina and hit her on her shoulder and still have both of them going in different directions undisturbed and the CPS had the CCTV footage for many months without giving it to the defendant for many months.
    To me that is gross incompetent of her duty before the Court not to bring untruths before it. She has a duty of care for the profession not to tarnish the good standing fo the profession or to use it as an abusive force.
    But in 2012, In a speech she made last year, Saunders tried to spark a debate about rape and encourage more victims to come forward. At the time she said she was “frustrated by how many rape trials end in acquittals” and said society was “lagging behind the legal system when it comes to its view of women”. Mark Pearson is one of many innocent men, who found out to his horror that under Saunders orders to prosecuted any alleged rape cases that a man must proof he has permission. I wonder how can a man prove permission to have sex, that he never had nor desired? So man false allegation of rape, just tarnish the Justice system and real rape victims and Saunders have destroyed their reputations under her modern day witch hunt.


  2. What a condemnation of the CPS!
    Coming as it does from the mouth of a judge, of all people, who said he read the prosecution brief with “disbelief” and citing “incompetence”.
    What will it take to make the DPP Saunders resign if not this?
    In fact we know it is not incompetence but deliberate, shameful, disembling, deceitful two faced chicanery and political misandry being practiced blatently with no attempt to hide it apart from from the post fact lies of some underling who needs the job and thus must swallow the shame inflicted on them by their grotesquely corrupt boss.
    Now it only remains to corrupt the judges as well, and we have arrived at the femarxist dream of guilt by mere accusation alone.
    Our liberty is thus reduced, down to a paper thin veil of last resort.
    If that is breached we are looking at potential revolution – eventually – when the pain of doing nothing exceeds the pain of staying the same.
    And they will have brought it on themselves.

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