Theresa May fires Dominic Raab

A short piece from The Mail on Sunday (17 July). An extract:

Dominic Raab, who just a few months ago was tipped as a potential leader, was sacked as Justice Minister as the new PM extended her shake-up to her administration’s middle ranks.

Although Mr Raab had backed Mr Gove’s leadership bid, some allies believe his fate had already been sealed five years ago when he called feminists ‘obnoxious bigots’ and claimed men were ‘getting a raw deal’.

Mrs May, then Home Secretary, stood up in the Commons to rebuke a shocked-looking Mr Raab for ‘gender warfare’.

Only anti-male gender warfare is acceptable to Ms May, clearly.

7 thoughts on “Theresa May fires Dominic Raab

  1. I may be prejudiced, but she looks like a lightweight by appearance. I’d never heard of her. Then we hear that she embellished her CV – basically lied about her qualifications. She studied politics – bit of a career politician. Then she says that men who work with kids are probably paedophiles, or more likely to be. No Andrea, women can be paedophiles to, they like to work with kids.

  2. Just about every female politician, office worker, teacher or executive espouses large parts of feminist propaganda, if not all. It comes as no surprise to me that she did not feel comfortable with a man like Mr. Raab around. If you think you have an MP who judges things on the basis of merit,you’d be very wrong. A dressed up feminist is more like it.

  3. Andrea Leadsom’s Freudian slip with regard to male babysitters notwithstanding, she would have been far better for men and boys. I can forgive her for that comment as there is a small grain of truth to it, and I think she made it because she’s obsessively protective of children. But she never struck me as a feminist, and when she made a comment to a reporter about the final two candidates for PM being female without a whiff of positive discrimination, she grew on me even more.

    Funnily enough, Theresa May has never struck me as a whiny feminist social justice warrior, but then she doesn’t give much away. The fact she wears “this is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts says it all, I suppose.

    I wonder what Raab’s position on circumcision is, though, given his Jewish heritage. I’d be willing to bet he was mutilated at birth as his father is Jewish.

  4. I agree the signs are not good.
    But I am not YET entirely satisfied that May is the genuine femarxist item as advertised.
    Like CaMoron before her, the politicians simple and transparent technique is to gauge the general drift of public opinion, say a few words in that direction and imagine that’s enough to fool the hoi polloi – after all, were only idiots aren’t we? Even the infamous tee shirt incident, grievous and insulting though it was, MIGHT be just another example of this.
    It won’t help our cause to cry wolf before it’s established there really is one, as opposed to just another gobby politico.

  5. If you listen to Raab speak , he comes across as professional, well-informed and someone with lots of ideas and solutions to problems. He’s quite clearly one of our more talented politicians and his experience shows he was more than qualified for the role in question.

    If May had sacked an average quality colleague and appointed an equal of better replacement than our concerns wouldn’t really have any merit. However, of all the changes in the reshuffle, this one more than any other is clearly motivated by something other than appointing the best person for the job.

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