2 thoughts on “WhiteRibbon.org Legal Defense Campaign

  1. Everyone should try to contribute to this cause. I gladly have. For as little a the cost of a pint each, you could win this battle. Feminists are trying to shut down the only independent site that tells the truth about DV and the major causes. It genuinely tries to support all victims, rehabilitate people and stop the cycle.

    All feminist led DV agencies have done is suck up all the funding needed to solve this problem while supporting a ideology which is a leading cause increasing the root causes that lead to DV. Gender feminism supports family break up and parent alienation only fuels the DV issue, and leads them to demand even more funding.

    Please help Erin get the real message out and stop this utter waste of money on the feminist invented “gendered DV” and the discredited Duluth model. Listen to her conference speech to know the truth. Our and our neighbour’s children need this to stop before they become the future DV perpetrators and criminals. This affects all broken or disturbed families of any income level. We must turn the tide and drawn the line somewhere. I suggest here is such a place and time to drawn that line. Just like for “King Canute”, let our tide of support wash them away.

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