Herbert Purdy: ‘Their Angry Creed: The shocking history of feminism, and how it is destroying our way of life’

Herbert Purdy is an anti-feminist blogger and author, and gave a powerful presentation at the recent conference. A video of that presentation, along with the 19 others, will be posted onto our YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

Herbert has been working for some time on a major book, Their Angry Creed: The shocking history of feminism, and how it is destroying our way of life. Shortly before the conference it was published by LPS publishing, the publishing concern I launched in 2008. It’s available from online retailers around the world, a link to the book on amazon.co.uk is here, on amazon.com here. Herbert signed many copies of his book at the conference, following his presentation.

An e-book edition is also available, for all major e-readers.

Their Angry Creed is a very substantial book, well worth the retail price. The remainder of this blog piece consists of a piece I wrote, which is being carried by online retailers:

Over the past 30+ years the developed world has progressively surrendered to an evil ideology, feminism, a gender supremacy ideology driven by misandry (the hatred of men). In the United Kingdom, as in many other developed countries, feminists have long been highly influential in governments of all political hues, in state institutions, and in the mainstream media.

Following the 2015 general election David Cameron became prime minister at the head of a majority Conservative government. Among his first actions on returning to office was to re-appoint the Minister of Women and Equalities to the cabinet, and he gave a third of ministerial positions to women, although only one in five Conservative MPs are women.

Feminists’ manipulations of the government and state institutions demonstrably lead to ever poorer life outcomes for men and boys, yet the mainstream media fail to report their activities, or expose them as egregious liars with respect to issues such as sexual offences, domestic violence, the gender pay gap, and many more. As the state broadcaster, the BBC is predictably uncritical of feminists, and regularly gives them major platforms, while denying them to anti-feminists.

Anyone wishing to understand the history of feminism, and how feminists have managed to exert such influence, faces a Herculean task. Commercial publishers have been unwilling to publish titles which are critical of feminism, with few exceptions. A person can turn to the internet for enlightenment, but the challenge will prove a lengthy and frustrating one. A person may track down numerous pieces of the ‘jigsaw’, but will struggle to see the big picture.

Public awareness that feminism is an evil ideology, one that leads to so many poor outcomes for society, is inexorably on the rise. Awareness that men’s issues exist, and are important, is also on the rise. In 2014, for example, the people behind the influential (American) website A Voice for Men organized the world’s first international conference on men’s issues.

Feminism is Marxism in action, and no books have been published which comprehensively explore its history from the emergence of Marxism to the present day. No book has been published with biographies of the key figures in feminism, or with an in-depth analysis of the absurd feminist ‘patriarchy theory’. No book has dealt with the psychological and social origins of feminism, how feminism has become deeply embedded in state institutions, and debunking feminist myths about rape, domestic violence, the gender pay gap, and so many others. And finally, no book has outlined in detail how feminism’s attack on the nuclear family has led to appalling social outcomes.

With Their Angry Creed, all that has changed. Herbert Purdy is a renowned British anti-feminist blogger, and anyone familiar with his output won’t be surprised at the depth and breadth of his book. The book is lengthy, but it has to be, to cover so much ground comprehensively. One day a book on feminism will become an international bestseller. I believe Their Angry Creed could be that book. It certainly deserves to be.

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