5 thoughts on “Oxford University ditches paintings of white men for portraits of women, gay and black people

  1. This indicates that there simply is NO room to play the gentleman at the workplace or in politics. Clearly, the less capable are taking advantage of it to such an extent that they will ruin the country.
    Let bygone be bygone and start treating people according to what they deserve, regardless of their gender.

  2. Cultural Marxism, itself, (including feminism) is not feeble minded – it knows exactly what it is doing.
    It’s purpose is to damage and weaken our democracy – deeply flawed though it is – to the point where it can be overthrown and supplanted by ‘socialism’, ie pernicious dictatorship.
    For always it is always power that is sought, and always it will come at you in disguise the better to delay any defence until too late.
    Those who support it – or think they do – may be feeble minded, or may imagine it is in their interest.
    These manipulated fools will find themselves at the bottom of the heap should it ever come to pass, and rue the day they were ever deceived so grievously.

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