3 thoughts on “The BBC is on a mission to destroy the Brexit vote

  1. We are heading for a Remain PM in a Remain Parliament with all the “establishment” including The US Secretary of Sate talking about “walking back” the Brexit vote. At most Brexit is likely some version of the EEA (with Iceland and Norway). No one is really going to give up their cheap plumbers and domestic staff/childcare in our elite. At most ones’ brexit vote has rattled the bourgeois . Enemy number one will remain “white van man”. aka uppity men whose role is to work hard buckle down and shut up.

  2. The BBC is ridiculous. They were covering a small protest of 18-24 yr old EUphiles in London today, pushing the propaganda. They acted like the tantrums of a bunch of kids (most of whom didn’t bother to vote) is somehow significant. And that’s why I refuse to pay the BBC licence fee. I advise everyone who hates their propaganda to stop paying. They can’t do anything.

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