What Nicky Morgan MP thinks is important in selecting the next prime minister

Nicky Morgan MP is the Minister for Women and Equalities, and scandalously – given she holds that position – the Education Secretary. On today’s Sunday Politics she claimed it will be ‘important’ that one of the two final candidates for the Conservative party leadership – and therefore our next prime minister – will be a woman. In the context of the momentous changes that will follow from the Brexit vote, it was an astonishing point to make.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll surely say it again – the woman’s a blithering idiot, even by feminist politician standards. Her point was also self-serving, as she expressed her willingness to stand for the party leadership. Another contender, Theresa May, Home Secretary, is also a feminist. What dark times we live in.

We can but hope that whoever succeeds David Cameron fires Ms Morgan, and appoints someone who recognizes and seeks to deal with the problem of male under-achievement in the education system. The next good move would be to scrap the ridiculous position of Minister for Women and Equalities.


3 thoughts on “What Nicky Morgan MP thinks is important in selecting the next prime minister

  1. Where is the Minister for Men and Equalties?
    Where is the Minister for Boys and Education?
    Where is the Minister for Mens Health Care and Prostate Screening?
    I know they must exist otherwise that would not be equality, and equality is ‘important’ – every one knows that.
    So then we need a ‘diverse’ and ‘multi gender-fluid gay, lesbian, bi, trans’ culture with equal outcomes mandated (where it suits progressive policies)?
    Just run it past me again how that fits in with a free and democratic society.

  2. This woman is totally incompetent.

    I’m concerned Gove and Johnson have excluded Farage from post-brexit negotiations. None of this would have happened without Nigel Farage. I do not trust the Tories , or that Douglas Carswell. We need out of the single market, but I fear they will try to keep us in.

  3. Doesn’t the silly woman realise that many people voted Leave because, inter alia, they wanted to see an end to positive discrimination in favour of women and ethnic minorities?

    At this most crucial moment in our history we need the most competent leader we can have, and that is without doubt going to be a man. Female leaders who actually led ( with all due respect to Queen Victoria) can be named on one hand – Boudicca, Elizabeth Tudor, Margaret Thatcher.

    There are good reasons why women of childbearing age and the feminised metrosexuals willing to become house husbands are not the first choice when picking teams …….

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