4 thoughts on “Dawn Walker, 34, drunk single mother, who bit PC’s face following 2am car crash, escapes jail after insisting she’s a ‘good role model’

  1. I saw an article claiming that the Holloway groundspace is going to be used for high-end apartments, but it was a 38 Degrees post, so it may be fiction. What’s funny is that the SJW Lefty commentators were up in arms because (a) the apartments would be expensive, thus attracting corporate/city-type buyers and (b) female prisoners from London and the South East would have to be sent off to jails elsewhere in the country, far from their families. Good job that doesn’t happen to men already, eh? Or that the prison population (the highest per-capita in Western Europe) is 95% male and rising. Phew!

  2. My understanding is that the courts have been instructed NOT to jail women, and that plans are going ahead to close womens prisons – the closure of Holloway for example, was announced some time ago.
    What’s the betting they will be re-opened as mens prisons (having first been suitably degraded of course)?
    Perhaps this is an example of the male privilege we’re always hearing about – the privilege of being banged up… so cruelly denied to women.

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