Harassment: Girls ‘wear shorts under school skirts’

Give me strength. An extract from the BBC piece:

The Women and Equalities Committee is conducting an investigation into the extent of sexual harassment and violence in England’s schools.

Sophie Bennett, co-director of UK Feminista, told the committee: “We’ve heard from girls who tell us you don’t leave school as a girl without being called a slut, that to wear shorts under your skirt to prevent boys revealing your underwear in the playground is just normal behaviour.

“So there is that sense of a normalised culture of sexual harassment in schools where girls don’t feel able to report it and instead change their own behaviour such as wearing shorts under their skirts.”

UK Feminista is an odious organization led by Kat Banyard, a hatchet-faced young radical feminist. She won the inaugural Lying Feminist of the Month award for wildly exaggerating the prevalence of sexual harassment of schoolgirls in an interview with Jon Snow for Channel 4 News in March 2013. Her award certificate is here, the video of that interview here.

2 thoughts on “Harassment: Girls ‘wear shorts under school skirts’

  1. I said it before. Let’s separate schools and workplaces by gender,and undoubtedly girls will not have harassment problems. Why don’t feminists support segregation then? Men will not go to jails, women will not be harassed. Problem solved. Why not then ?

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