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  1. word fail me too mate. This is so major. When they say the boy ‘fell off the radar,’ what they mean is ‘literally everything feminists wanted to see happen, happened.’ A Lesbian civil partnership couple? Every social worker would’ve been fawning over them, point blank refusing to believe the huge catalogue of concerns that the sane amongst the public were raising. Their relationship status is the feminist ideal. No way was the far more suitable father ever going to get a look in. No… they kept trying to add kids to this couple’s brood. They must’ve been vetted multiple times. The SS would’ve put every child in the world with these lesbians if they could, until even they could no longer ignore how toxic it is, and they’dve stopped complulsively idealizing it. Daniel

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  2. What people seem to have missed about this case is that Scotland is about to close its women’s prison at Cornton Vale leaving only HMP Polmont available for these two.

    Therefore, in relation to their desire to be together in the same prison, it seem there’s about to be little other option in Scotland right now. They can’t keep lesbian couples apart becasue there aren’t two different places to house them! About the only way to keep these two apart will be to send one all the way to England, and of course they’ll then whine about being too far from home and how it breaches their rights etc.

  3. This little boy was tortured, pretty much every day of his short life and then brutally murdered, by his own mother and her lesbian partner, yet there is more attention paid in the mass media to the shooting of Harambe the gorilla in Cincinnati zoo.
    Today is International Children’s Day. Perhaps we should ask feminist MP Jess Philips if she will be reading out the names in the House of Commons, of children murdered by their mothers in Britain over the last year, just as she read out the names of female victims of spousal homicide on the last International Women’s Day.
    Fat chance of course, because it would highlight an inconvenient truth about the victims and perpetrators.
    Please keep rubbing feminists’ noses in this every chance you get, Mike.

  4. Social Services is a criminal agency managed on lesbian-feminist principle. This vile couple’s subhuman behaviour escaped scrunity due to top-down identity politics. Sentencing the murderers – who had the gall to try and blame another boy for the death – is simply not enough. This insidious agency, like CAFCASS, needs to be dismantled.

  5. There appears even more disturbing about this story. The two boys giving evidence. They appear to have been fostered to the couple in some way. In that they are referred to as if they weren’t family but stayed regularly. There is clearly a lot more to this. It would seem the “family” were very well known to services in a variety of ways. One suspects they were protected by the concern to show “alternative” families can foster.
    The sentencing will no doubt be surprising.

  6. Thanks. I’ve been an atheist for 40+ years but at times like this I’d like to think God exists, and to think Liam is playing happily in some dimension. The authorities turn a blind eye to evil women, time and again. The absurd notion that women are universally benign, and men universally malign, survives so many cases like this. This case is so tragic, yet nothing will be learned from it. Nothing is EVER learned from such cases.

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