Most millennial men in the United States don’t identify as masculine, one in five identify as feminine

Our thanks to Kevin for this depressing piece. Inevitably, it was written by a woman, who comes up with gems like this:

The financial chapter is not the whole story. It’s certainly not the only way to care for and protect someone — a relationship is, after all, mostly about emotional needs. Be there, be supportive, open the jars, and kill the spiders.

4 thoughts on “Most millennial men in the United States don’t identify as masculine, one in five identify as feminine

  1. On the plus side I suspect the age ranges are really the reflection of a quite normal tendency for the young to latch on to groovy ideas. Only to ditch them as increasing responsibilities with age force one to ditch some fanciful notions. For my generation it as Glam rock and “gender bending” . just prior were flower power and longhaired “HAIR the musical” ban the bombers. “Metro sexuals” and so on. All must have faded if the age bands in the survey are followed. Yet at the time they were “the future”.
    A little more concerning is the rather negative cast of “Masculinity” in the survey , as the article says as a father I don’t find anything about caring for my children as un-manly. That is depressing that the term has been twisted to a set of negatives.
    What is also on display in the article itself is the supposed mercenary nature of women. Yet again the concern that men might not pay for meals etc. in courting, that they “gasp” might not think they should be main provider (or at least the one paying all the boring bills ) and that just possibly women may have to deal with insects and vermin and put out the trash.
    Of course the survey also exposes the “b######cks” about rampant “Rape Culture” and “everyday sexism” .

  2. Pitiful. These days a lot of gay men are far more masculine than these dreadful metrosexuals, for whom the “P” word seems most appropriate these days.
    I’m told these days the person who really will treat you like a lady is a butch lesbian, which says it all really.

  3. “If anyone ever does this to you and you have the self-restraint to not burn down his apartment building, you deserve a medal.”

    So men are changing gender roles (which is good, apparently) but women (who are out earning some men) still expect men to pay for their date. And woe betide a man who seeks fair shares! Burning him (and his neighbours) is a legitimate response.

    I suspect that the vast majority of readers of tripe like this will recognise it for what it is: grade two male shaming dressed up as social commentary.

    Given the overwhelming evidence that a strong male role model is positively correlated with a stable upbringing for girls and (especially) for boys, we can only speculate about the ticking time bomb this amateur social (re-) engineering will gift future generations.

    Lots of lost boys pretending to enjoy yoga, and single girls reading romance stories about dashing heroes? Who would bet against this?

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