Everyday sexism, and the new dodgy dossiers

After you’ve swallowed the Red Pill, it’s impossible not to notice that anti-male sexism is rife.

It has become my custom to repair to one of Bedford’s hostelries for a couple of hours on a Friday or Saturday evening, in order to read the latest edition of The Spectator at leisure, with a half pint of real ale (sometimes two, if it’s a particularly warm evening).

This evening I went into a pub towards the end of the High St. I can’t recall the name, but it’s the one opposite a bakery where they sell my adopted county’s impressive contribution to world cusine, the Bedfordshire Clanger. Two barmaids in their 20s were clearly unable to see me behind the bar, seeking a drink, even though I was wearing my conference polo shirt. Their visual problems didn’t extend to younger people in general, or women in particular, I noticed, so let me add the charge of ageism to that of sexism.

On my way home I dropped into Lidl for a couple of essential items, one of them being roasted almonds. Only one check-out was open, and I reached the end of the conveyor belt shortly after a young woman (30ish?) with a shopping trolley full to the brim with goods. Whenever I’m in situations such as this, with a full trolley, if there’s someone behind me with only an item or two, I always invite them to go before me, whether a man or a woman. I’ve seen many men do the same, but I cannot recall a woman ever doing so. I’m sure it happens, but I’d guess rarely. It’s just one of countless examples of everyday sexism.

As she was nearing the end of the checkout operation, Entitlement Princess sauntered off to continue her shopping, leaving me – and two or three people behind me, by this stage – fuming. I’ve seen many women do this, and no men. Some minutes later she returned with a lettuce, and couldn’t be bothered to apologise for having inconvenienced anyone.

It’s time for a display of a fine masculine quality, stoicism, as I reflect on the immortal words of Battery Sergeant Major Tudor Bryn Williams (Windsor Davies) in the classic BBC sitcom It Ain’t Half Hot Mum (1974-81):

Oh dear. How sad. What a pity. Never mind.

I appear to have digressed again. In the current edition of The Spectator there’s an excellent piece by Peter Oborne, The new dodgy dossiers. The subtitle is:

The Chancellor and PM are using every dirty trick in the Blairite book to win a Remain vote.

Amen to that. By the time taxpayer-funded government narratives supporting ‘Remain’ have been dissected in detail, and proven to have been a tissue of lies, the British people will have voted to remain in the EU, if current polls (and bookmakers’ odds) are anything to go by.

4 thoughts on “Everyday sexism, and the new dodgy dossiers

  1. P.S.
    Joke of the week;
    What do you call a room full of dead elitist career politicians?
    ” A good start”.

    Boom boom.

  2. The ‘EU’ – once known as the ‘EC’, once known as the ‘EEC’, once known as the ‘Common Market’ is a club OF elite career politicians,
    run BY elite career politcians,
    FOR the benefit of elite career politcians who, knowing they will sooner or later be voted out by democratic process, wish to continue their much monied meddlings somewhere they cannot be voted out ever again, as they continue to suck on the teat of tax payer funded sinecures, already rich and privileged though they are.
    Now who can we think of like that here?
    Erm.. oh yes I know – the glibly lying, but unconvincing, comrade Camoron and his bikini clad exhibtionist hypergamous wife, both of whose families have ( inter alia ) extensive interests in wind farms, for example.
    THAT’S why they are so in favour of the Great Global Warming swindle of course!
    Along with the fawning sycophantic ‘running dogs of capitalised socialism’, the very un-british broadcorping casteration, -slobering at the mouth at the prospect of obeying Their Master’s Voice.
    We now ALSO learn that the formal announcement of the the combined EU armed forces is to be delayed until AFTER the referendum if you please – that alone should tell people all they need to know about the dissembling apparatchiks who will say –
    ” Unfortunately, this small island cannot defend itself”,
    ( due to persistant and repeated defence cuts of course, often by supposedly tory governments )
    “We’ll just have to combine our forces with europe – don’t WANT to, just HAVE to that’s all”, a spokesman lied.

    Understand now, that the EUSSR is devious, corrupt, incompetent and profoundly anti-democratic, or understand nothing.

  3. I was reflecting on supermarket behaviour recently, following just such experiences at my local Aldi. This led on to discussion of the local etiquette on giving way and “letting in” on the roads. I’ve long been just plain surprised at the level of acknowledgement from drivers (cars, trucks, vans, buses) in my conurbation of 2.5 million. Years ago I began to realise this was largely a male etiquette. Of course there are boorish BMW drivers and boy racers, but generally male drivers in particular are a polite lot. If there is any theme in supermarkets and driving and indeed other aspects of life I think its is that males are “taught” to be self reliant and appear more likely to be genuinely grateful for a favour and somehow actually more empathetic to men driving working vehicles in particular. Women seem more often to expect things their way and not feel the need to acknowledge.

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