Jordan Holbrook’s reflections on the Golders Green protest

Jordan Holbrook is a young MRA and blogger, who we’re going to hear a lot more from. He’s one of a number of stalwart MRAs who can be relied upon to turn up at protests, meetings etc. if humanly possible, often taking a day off work to be there. He was one of a number of MRAs who made valuable contributions to the video (6:30) of the protest against MGM in Parliament Square last International Men’s Day.

Jordan was one of the protesters in Golders Green two days ago, and he’s posted some reflections on the event – here. Although there was little animosity shown towards us, it’s inevitable that examples of animosity were among the more memorable moments in the afternoon, and much of his piece focuses on them. But anyone who was at the event will tell you such moments were rare. Between us we had hundreds of constructive discussions with passers-by, and handed out thousands of leaflets, including the leaflet designed by Jews Against Circumcision, a website with no connection to J4MB.

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