Today’s protests in Golders Green

A short note to report that we had a good turnout today for our protests in Golders Green, with one man flying from the Netherlands for the occasion. We protested outside Dr Martin Harris’s clinic, the offices of the Jewish Chronicle, and for four hours in the centre of Golders Green. We had some highly visible signs, and for the first time we employed our new 8′ x 3′ banner, bearing the party logo.

We were met with politeness throughout the afternoon – there were a few exceptions, inevitably – and many people stopped for conversations. Numerous people – both men and women – told us that while they were Jewish, they agreed with our position on male circumcision. Over the course of the afternoon we handed out thousands of leaflets including one on Brit Shalom, the circumcision-free naming ceremony alternative to Brit Milah, which involves ritual circumcision.

We’ll post details of the protests in the coming days, including photographs and short video pieces. In the meantime, we thank the good people of Golders Green for our friendly welcome today, and we thank the police for their presence and guidance throughout the afternoon.

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