4 thoughts on “Chivalry: A learned deathwish

  1. Two new posts that point in the same direction: this and the one on greedy wives and political corruption. Both are in essence dealing with the tendency for women to overprice themselves and say to men ‘you must do this for me if you wish to be worthy of me.’

    In very different ways, both of my wives (I’m still married to the second) have done, or attempted to do, the same thing to me, and I’m still paying the price. I expect to pay until I die and I consider, at sixty, that I have wasted my life putting the demands of my wives before my own far more important needs.

    Women have done me no good whatsoever.

  2. Women have never deserved that sort of behaviour from men. That they have received it for so long, without complaint from those who must sacrifice themselves in some way or another, shows how thoroughly matriarchal western culture actually is, which makes a mockery of feminist claims to the contrary. I am in no doubt that chivalry was created not by men but by privileged upper class women with nothing else to do other than to put themselves on pedestals and demand to be worshipped.

    Sorry girls, the game is up: the privileged chivalry express is heading for the buffers. You should all brace yourselves for the crash.

  3. Great article, and spot on ! Men are readily willing to help women, even in the most dangerous situations. Both in professional, public as well as private life. There would be nothing wrong with this scenario, if women acted like true ladies.
    But if one considers the way today’s women treat men, boys, husbands or boyfriends, one might come to the sad conclusion that this type of behavior by men towards women is no longer deserved by women and therefore not justified. In all walks of life, unfortunately.. And it is about time men noticed and acted accordingly.

  4. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    “When I look at what Jason’s story turned into, all I see is a devastated family, a grieving friend, and a decent young man with a life cut short on behalf of someone who in no way warranted that kind of sacrifice – not that any stranger ever does.

    Perhaps there is a better social message we can send all people, young and old. It’s on you.

    It’s on you to forge the ability to protect yourself. It’s on you to make sound decisions about people with whom you choose to get involved.

    It is not the responsibility of strangers, and it is not a burden for another class of human beings to bear.

    No one outside you, your family and the police have any obligation to take risks for your safety. If women don’t know this, the parents of young men certainly should.”

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