Melanie Phillips: ‘Circumcision of Jewish boys at eight days old… causes no harm or suffering whatsoever’

One of the talks people are most looking forward to at the London conference is Tim Hammond’s update of findings from his Global Survey of Circumcision Harm (video, 49:31).

In 19 days time, 12 May, we’ll be protesting against MGM in Golders Green, North London. Details on that protest, and the protests in June outside the Home Office and the Head Office of the NSPCC, are here.

Melanie Phillips is a British Jewish journalist, author, and public commentator. A few days ago I sent a friendly message to her through her website, offering her a complimentary ticket to the conference, and a few hours ago I received this response:

Your campaign against circumcision for Jewish boys at eight days old not only displays utter ignorance, since this causes no harm or suffering whatsoever, but it targets the fundamental rite of Jewish identity. It is thus profoundly anti-Jew.

Do not contact me again.

An irony will not be lost on followers of this blog, of course, the claim that circumcision of Jewish boys at eight days old ’causes no harm or suffering whatsoever’ itself ‘displays utter ignorance’. Sometimes the cleverest people can be wilfully blind to matters which they should research before expressing a view on them.

3 thoughts on “Melanie Phillips: ‘Circumcision of Jewish boys at eight days old… causes no harm or suffering whatsoever’

  1. I am sure she will protect her fundamental right as a (Jewish or not) woman not to let the same “harmless” thing happen to herself. No one has any problem with her religious beliefs but no one agrees with her prognosis of it being harmless.

    Many Jewish scholars do not agree with her about this being a fundamental rite at all, as performed now, so i have to agree with them. There is doubt that it was even in the first versions of the Bible. Also historically they used to only cut the tip of the foreskin not attached to the baby penis so as to do the least amount of harm. The Periah circumcision used now requires the foreskin to be ripped from the penis before it can be cut, as at birth the foreskin is fused to the glands. That’s right, it is not separate skin. So the baby is literally flayed alive on its most sensitive body part with regularly no pain relief. It make me cry just thinking about it. Listen to this link if you can, it is brutal. This poor baby was unlucky enough not to pass out. She can listen to it while using her expensive skin cream.

    I will make it easier for her. Imagine this was a girl baby just in case you do not “get it”.


  2. ‘The fundamental rite of Jewish identity’? Jewishness descends through the female line and Jewesses are not circumcised.

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