Mike Buchanan and Dr Simon Hochhauser interviewed on BBC radio (again)

Two days ago I was interviewed by John Vernon-Smith for his show on BBC 3 Counties Radio. The other guest was Dr Simon Hochhauser, a co-chairman of Milah UK, the organization charged with promoting the mutilation of baby boys’ genitals in the UK.

We’ve just added the piece to our Vimeo library of MGM-related pieces, where you’ll also find the heated discussion I had with Dr H on the same show three months ago. The two pieces have something in common – Dr H is defending the indefensible, and he surely knows it. A tip of the hat to John Vernon-Smith for his relentless challenging of Dr H.

One thought on “Mike Buchanan and Dr Simon Hochhauser interviewed on BBC radio (again)

  1. Well done Mike. I know Vernon-Smith is only playing Devil’s advocate here but “it’s a relatively small operation, it’s something the boy recovers from quite quickly” No, he never recovers from it. It doesn’t grow back. He will forever be without the most sensitive erogenous tissue on his body.

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