5 thoughts on “Darren Kelly, 42, wrongly labelled a paedophile, stabbed to death by ‘teenage vigilantes’ at the behest of a 15-year-old girl

  1. It’s not difficult to imagine that self-centred little bitch’s sense of power as she watched the boys murdering an innocent man.

  2. A sad metaphor for white knights everywhere. Attacking men on behalf of a woman, rationalised by non-existent transgressions of a spurious set of values which demonstrate that the works of Mr George Orwell have been treated as a blue print, rather than as a warning

  3. Not only will the girl most emphatically not be held responsible, her identity will never be known. Apropos of which, it must be possible to force the names of false accusers into the public realm through a private action.

    As appalling as this episode is, men will not stir themselves to action until this sort of thing is commonplace. Only when men force change can things be changed.

  4. The society is gynocentric, because the men are gynocentric. If you, as a man, are prepared to treat women in a more favorable manner than you treat fellow men, then this is what you have created, and this is what you deserve.

  5. The logical conclusion to gynocentric society’s demonization of men. Anyone want to lay odds on the guys taking the brunt of whatever sentences are levied?

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