6 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan and Dr Anna Smajdor, a medical ethicist, discuss mandatory paternity testing at birth

  1. Watching the fuss about lesbians thinking they got the sperm of PhD candidate from Xytex. Instead they got that of a criminal with mental illness.

    Perhaps it’s worth asking the opinion of this ‘medical ethicist’ on that. I’m betting her response won’t be that people shouldn’t focus on genetics.

    After all… lie to men… OK

    Lie to women – DISGUSTING.

  2. Another way of checking on paternity if you can’t get a DNA test, is blood-type.For instance if the mother is type O and the supposed father is type O and the child is any other type, then another man must be the father.
    I have attached a link to a site which gives tables with all possible combinations.

    All fathers should know this. It has the advantage that a man can find this out without alerting his partner that he’s checking.
    All babies are blood typed when they’re born as are the mothers.
    A man need only know his own blood type to be able to do a quick check. It’s not always definitive but it’s better than nothing.

    Mike, please feel free to put this on your site


  3. The host’s argument against routine testing, that it was accusing all women of being frauds, was a load of bilge.
    Does she complain every time that she takes a flight and has her luggage x-ray’d and has to go through a body scanner, that she is being treated like a terrorist?

  4. Did you think so? I thought they were dismissing entirely the importance to men of a genetic relationship between them and the children they are expected, and can be compelled, to provide for. I didn’t form the opinion that a mix up of babies in a maternity unit, so that women bring up children not their own, would be regarded in the same fashion.

  5. Mike

    I listened to the YouTube and Vimeo videos and the men’s own stories are so compelling compared to the utter indifference of the so called ethicist.

    Mike, keep on keeping on. Thank you for what you do.

    Paul (in Australia)

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