Mike Buchanan’s appearance on Sky News on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, 8 March, I had the pleasure of being interviewed along with a feminist for over 18 minutes by Kay Burley for Sky News, on the topic, ‘Can you be a successful working Mum?’ The video (18:25) is on our Vimeo channelhere. Feel free to post comments, I don’t plan to moderate them.

From Kay Burley’s Wikipedia page:

Kay Burley (born 1960) is an English television newsreader and presenter. She has been a news anchor for Sky News since 1988. Burley has hosted more hours of live television than any other news presenter.

The video first appeared on the Sky News website – here.

A HuffPo article about some of my comments near the end of the discussion, and Kay Burley’s response to them, is here.

One thought on “Mike Buchanan’s appearance on Sky News on International Women’s Day

  1. Kay Burley – the epitome of neutrality and balance (not). So many years a journalist and unable to avoid leaking her own views. And to keep on using her own (privileged) experience as if it represented the whole. I think she called the female respondent ‘love’ and then at the end said; ‘I hope you’re not watching, son’. Why? Isn’t he allowed to hear someone else’s opinions other than hers? Typical of the smug media woman with years of cossetted treatment.

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