Luton Herald & Post: post-protest article in the print edition

The online version of the Thornhill Clinic post-protest article remains unavailable. It was ‘pulled’ less than 24 hours after publication, presumably in response to protests by those who think Male Genital Mutilation is a good idea. So we thank John warmly for informing us that the piece definitely appeared in the print edition the day after the protest – Wednesday, 23 March. It was on page 4, and he sent us the proof – here.

The paper heavily cropped the photograph we sent them, cutting out about half the protesters. The image we sent:

160323 Thornhill Clinic

2 thoughts on “Luton Herald & Post: post-protest article in the print edition

  1. As good as we could expect from the MSM I suppose. They also appear to have pulled the comments section from the original article. Cowards.

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