‘Luton Herald & Post’ has withdrawn its article about Tuesday’s protest at the Thornhill Clinic, less than 24 hours after publication

Note added 24.3.16: Less than 24 hours after the Luton Herald & Post online piece appeared, it’s been taken down, without explanation. The piece included a photograph of the majority of the protesters:

160323 Thornhill Clinic

The broken link to the article is here, please let us know if it becomes ‘live’ again.

8 thoughts on “‘Luton Herald & Post’ has withdrawn its article about Tuesday’s protest at the Thornhill Clinic, less than 24 hours after publication

  1. Hequal has it, below. Funny thing is that feminist organisations do NOT help women at all. They merely USE women as fuel for their political fires.

  2. When I grew up, there was fear of ICBMs. The four minute warning. Americans were terrified of ‘reds under the bed’.

    It seems that (apart from ISIS), fear of shaming by feminists is a key driver of behaviour affecting all middle aged white men in the UK.

    At least the Russkis would have had the decency to wipe out everyone without discrimination 🙂

  3. That story has now been removed from their site. Probably out of fear. As campaigners we all know how dirty the circumnutters can play when their sordid little hobby is threatened.

  4. Yes if we were talking about FGM or female circumcision they would never use words like that or play the word manipulation game like this…. but the media does love to play what I call the “word manipulation game” when it comes to male sexual mutilation/male prepuce amputation….It seems they use words that purposely dumbs down the blatant horror and facts of MGM to confuse or make it out that Male sexual mutilation/male prepuce amputation is not as bad….. or they purposely just never come out and say that what it is….a horrific human rights violation just like FGM…maybe we will get there one of these days with journalism and the media but they still seem to like to play this word manipulation game to make it seem that perhaps maybe MGM is not the same human rights violation as FGM….The U.S is even worse though with this…They really play the manipulation game

  5. I thought the article was kind of flat. Like the author was trying desperately to stay neutral or didn’t understand the rational. Maybe that is a good thing, who knows where it would have gone if there was any bias. But it’s great that there was coverage.

  6. Language such as that would be fine if everyone was subject to such treatment and there was a level playing field. However, I bet you’d never see “Women Against Rape” described in such terms for example (or any feminist organisation claiming to help women for that matter).

  7. Interesting point. The start of the second paragraph:

    ‘Justice for Men and Boys – a group which says [my emphasis] it advocates for the rights of males –…

  8. “…who CLAIM the procedure amounts to ‘child abuse’.”

    …”to what it CALLS the ‘mutilation’ of boys.”

    Reports of claims and quotation marks, as usual. Good of them to print something, but still depressing to see the press fail to grasp that the facts are not claims.

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