Pregnant women to be upgraded to First Class on South West Trains

Our thanks to Francis for alerting us to this:

160316 pregnant women on trains

Francis wrote this in his email:

Dear Mike,

I came across the attached poster at Waterloo Station yesterday. I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear that the kind staff at South West Trains will give a free first class upgrade to a pregnant woman. It doesn’t actually mention on the poster that it’s only if there are no other seats left in Standard Class:

Having looked carefully all over their website, I can find no corresponding offer for men who are:

– Overweight
– Infirm
– Elderly

… or indeed any other reason they might also need a seat if there are no others available in Standard Class. What a surprise!

6 thoughts on “Pregnant women to be upgraded to First Class on South West Trains

  1. quite an amazing experience, living under laws created by female logic….
    our companies are creaking under it’s weight too… But we’d better be quiet. it is against our traditions to tell the truth when women are involved.

  2. Substance abuse per se is specifically excluded from the definition of disability though medical conditions developing as a consequence thereof may be one. The same applies to obesity.
    The legal “privileges” accorded to pregnant women – my personal view is that their rights should be at the US level – are resented most by other women. Women without children resent the year’s paid sabbatical (that is a very simplistic view, I know) and those with them think, “I coped, why can’t she?”.
    As a result, in the majority of pregnancy/maternity cases, the alleged discriminators are other women; and cases are settled because it’s a cheap price to pay for not having her back!

  3. … pregnancy is a lifestyle choice.

    So are some ‘disabilities’ (obesity, alcohol dependency, drug addiction etc. etc. etc.

  4. What if I say that although I look like a man, with a beard, deep voice and substantial bald patch, I identify as a pregnant woman? Do I qualify? Now that we officially have twenty seven recognised genders I think my lifestyle choices should be accepted and respected. If I feel I’m pregnant surely that counts as actually being pregnant?

    Questions, questions.

  5. So the father and any other children would either have to pay full first class or abandon the pregnant woman. Well thought out policy, not to mention that prices for a identical service is not allowed by law to be different based on sex. Hence the sexist policy of free admission to night clubs for women only was banned.

  6. This is so wrong. Quite apart from the fact that if any category of people is to be upgraded in this fashion it should be the disabled, pregnancy is a lifestyle choice.

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