Woman Sour: Jenni Murray interviews Mark Brooks and Professor Marianne Hester

Our thanks to K for loading this (video, 9:14) onto our YouTube library. We recommend you read the brief description below the video before watching it.

Later today we’ll be presenting Professor Marianne Hester with this month’s ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award in recognition of her contribution to this episode of Woman Sour.

3 thoughts on “Woman Sour: Jenni Murray interviews Mark Brooks and Professor Marianne Hester

  1. Yes the Professor made all sorts of attempts to avoid discussion of the case or the issue. Indeed she sounded completely non-plussed by JM’s questions. Typical I’m afraid of the Bristol Unit whose data in research, particularly on young people actually showed “surprisingly” high levels of abuse of males. Having done a couple of large studies the Bristol unit actually only then promotes much smaller studies on youngsters in care or women in refuges, clearly not representative of the general population.

  2. Thanks, but 104 women a year are NOT killed by partners or ex-partners in the UK. The number in recent years has tended to be in the region of 80-90, but it’s presented by feminists as having a significance it doesn’t have, as support for their batshit inane patriarchy theory. Maybe the Patriarchy Council at its four-weekly meetings decides which 8 women will be killed by partners or ex-partners before the next meeting?

  3. Interesting that Hester attempted to make light of the actual violence by using it as an excuse by the perpetrator in some circumstances. Hoe many attempted murder took place in comparison to actual would be interesting to see the evidence for such criminal behaviour.

    What was not mentioned which Jenny Murray failed to summarily introduce were the forms of domestic violence (5 types) and that only now psychological and coercive violence is a criminal offence in any situation both with adults and children. The 38 deaths of men murdered annually by domestic violence is countered by the 104 women dispatched in this manner, but in some way the perpetrator is most likely to be associated with the response to the psychological violence perpetrated against them by their female partners.

    Evidence is coming to light from areas of Latin America where such psychological violence was contibutory to the anti Alienation legislation in families induced by dysfunctional psychosis of the perpetrators
    Hence many aspecys of DV exists in such situations where physical forms erupt causing fatalities!

    At least JM in this case balanced the arguments!

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