6 thoughts on “Belinda Brown: Gender pay gap explained. Men work longer hours in tough jobs.

  1. An interesting comment following this item at TCW:

    Let’s start equal spend day, that day in the year when women have already spent as much as men will spend in the whole of the year, probably happens about mid-March.

    That’s probably about right. We could add some spice by having days for women’s spending as a proportion of the total, other days for women’s spending in proportion to their income and yet more days for women’s spending of their husbands’, partners’, fathers’ paternity fraud victims’ income.

    If we had an Equal Tax Day, as a percentage of all the days in the year, women would mark the percentage they pay on 12th April, while men’s tax percentage day would fall on the 20th September. Excluding weekends women’s day falls in the last week of May. Do the same for Men and there are, in a leap year, only just sufficient weeks in the year to represent the proportion of total tax take men pay, that’s if men are allowed the weekends off. I appreciate that those dates do not reflect the relationship between tax and income but the ratio is likely to be lower for women than for men, ie. the date women start working for themselves rather than the government is going to be considerably closer to women’s pay day than is that for men.

    We could also have men’s and women’s benefits days, pension days and workplace absenteeism days, on which day following New Year’s Day women and men would start working after their non holiday days absent are deducted from either 365/6 or 260/1 or 2. I’m confident that a significant proportion of women would not have to start work until some time in February.

    It might be salutary actually to have all of those days and to ask men how they feel about the disparities.

  2. I think the best riposte to the STEM point is to point out that the health sector is 90% women. It has very many very well paid roles and some are exclusively female (Speech and Language Therapist for instance who can earn £40k to £50k full time). GPs and other medical roles earn well over £100k. So it is not some site of low pay. So why not spend loads of money getting men into health? I note Kate Green quickly avoided that one.

  3. “It’s all about the money” has been correctly said many times about many subjects and the wage gap is no exception but look now, if women were really paid less than a man for the SAME work, every business would hire only females.

    So we can correctly deduce that the wage gap is just another feminist lie in their ever constant attempt to gain advantage any way they can.

    That’s it, and that’s that…

  4. I call this phenomenon the triple D and its not tit size. it is dirty, danger, discomfort women don’t like these jobs. which goes against simple economics time= money and risk= reward. is it that simple? YES IT IS http://WWW.REDONKULAS.COM HAS ATTACKED THIS SUBJECT USING COMEDY BECAUSE ITS HILARIOUS THEY KEEP PIPING ON ABOUT IT.

  5. it is hard to believe that feminists can not see why men get paid more. I suppose, like in tennis, feminists want women to get the same pay for working shorter hours, with more sick leave, less commitment, and easier tasks. Only then will they be satisfied, Just like female tennis payers. That’s what we men don’t seem to be able to figure out…

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