2014 International Conference on Men’s Issues (Detroit)

[Originally published in June 2014.]

AVfM has just published a video of the first day’s presentations. Mike Buchanan’s presentation (and the associated transcript) is here. He’s introduced by Paul Elam, the founder and publisher of the conference organisers, A Voice for Men, the world’s most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website.

Here’s the sequence of the day’s presentations, with their durations:

1. Attila Vinczer and Paul Elam
2. Senator Anne Cools (48:32)
3. Erin Pizzey (19:11)
4. Dr Tara Palmatier (27:30)
5. Mike Buchanan (21:13)
6. Fred Jones (16:00)
7. Barbara Kay (44:50)
8. Tom Golden (25:12)
9. Paul Elam (26:38)
10. Bob O’Hara just before dinner (00:00 – 4:25), Paul Elam thanking the Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post (4:26 – 5:55), presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award to Erin Pizzey (5:56 – 14:31)

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