2 thoughts on “5hadowfax on the feminist gender pay gap narrative: ‘The myth that won’t die’

  1. Feminists will never recognize reality. It’s one of their many defining characteristics. Relentless advantaging of women and girls must be pursued at all times, regardless of the impact.

  2. The government says the “root cause” of the pay gap (suggesting they’ve studied this in depth and found the answer) is not enough girls in maths and science. Their solution is to enable more women to acquire the qualifications which will get them higher-paid jobs. There is, at least, some truth in this. But what is meant by “nowhere for gender inequality to hide”? Note that nowhere do they directly say there is ‘sexist’ discrimination either in pay or in job appointments, though they imply this by their tone. Their actual aims, however, seem to rest on the belief that any difference in employment profiles between men and women is down to some societal ‘sexism’ rather than individual choice. As this is a false analysis, once wonders how far feminists will go in distorting the employment scene before recognising reality – if they ever do so.

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