Woman Sour: How to feel like Wonder Woman

Do the people behind Woman Sour, and those presenting the programme, feel utterly mortified about the trash they’ve forced British people to listen to, decade after decade? You have to hope so, with such execrable nonsense as this, insulting unfortunate listeners earlier today, many of whom have paid a licence fee to hear this garbage.

2 thoughts on “Woman Sour: How to feel like Wonder Woman

  1. It is telling that in order to feel powerful you do not need to achieve or create anything. Just strike a pose and you “feel like” your are powerful. See the problem with narcissists is that they project their feelings into the real world and demand changes based on them – “treat me like a powerful person and if not you are a bad person”. Not based on merit or your actions, just on pretend.

  2. Ha ha. That is so bad it’s genius. I mean, I thought I was a bit of a hippy. This is cultural appropriation of hippydom.

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