A female footballer in Spain… (limericks invited)

Following on from our last piece, on the whiny Spanish footballerina, our thanks to the party member who’s just suggested we invite people to complete limericks starting with the following line:

A female footballer in Spain…

A free J4MB wristband (RRP £5.00) for the person who sends in the best entry – deadline 18:00 GMT, Sunday, 24 January.

2 thoughts on “A female footballer in Spain… (limericks invited)

  1. A female footballer in Spain,
    developed a need to complain,
    it all turned to farce when the ref
    made a pass,
    & both sides left without gain.
    A female footballer in Spain,
    was asked out to tea once again,
    to which she replied,
    “I think that’s offside, – your request is denied”,
    I beg your leave to abstain.

    (Or words to that effect!)
    (Read lines 4 & 5 in one breath as it were to maintain the metre)
    A female footballer from Spain,
    was asked on a date by a swain,
    “you fer coffee, – you prefer the offie?”
    Decide for yourself or be left on the shelf,
    being not shy she made the reply,
    you f**k-offy yer self!

    (May be unusable!)0

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