Another man’s life ruined by false rape accusations

Appalling (video, 4:40). How on earth could Scott Espinosa have been convicted? He faced up to 35 years in prison, and served 19 months before a TV channel started investigations. How many men are languishing in prisons around the world, because of corrupt and/or incompetent criminal justice systems, which treat men as guilty of rape, and demand they prove their innocence?

6 thoughts on “Another man’s life ruined by false rape accusations

  1. it seems men have hit the glass ceiling in the justice system. men need to break through that glass ceiling ! men have also come up against the glass ceiling in the ‘family courts’.
    actually,why shoud there be a separate justice system when dealing with family matters?
    If we have a parallel justice sytem,why don’t we also have a parallel school system,a parallel medical system,and so on. Is our justice system not capable of dealing with family matters? are family matters any different under our constitution than other matters? if so,they should not be.
    you can not cherry pick what you deal with. it makes mockery of our proper justice system and something tells me family courts are separate,because they are not just and the standard justice sytem would not be able to cover up all the injustice committed there. so our standard justice system subcontracted its work to a dubious family justice sytem. its like the regular army doesnt want to get its hands dirty so it subcontracts dubious issues to mercenaries. – same thing.

  2. It seems that these false allegations perpetrated by women for profit ,revenge or simply fun,are becoming the norm rather than the exception. With each passing day,my perception of our contemporary women is becoming less favourable. In fact it is becoming more and more negative,with a clear feeling that the majority of western women are in fact genuine enemies of all men and even boys. These women are also the greatest enemies of the market economy and the democratic system. They subvert both intentionally and consistently.
    They have become the enemies of truth and justice. They feel no shame for their greedy and dishonest behaviour. As for myself,I find it increasingly difficult to treat them like a gentleman should treat a lady. Their behaviour is not consistent with that of true ladies and as such,I do not understand why I should still continue treating them like a gentleman. They have made it virtually impossible for me,like it or not.

  3. I was going to attempt something similar to Darryl’s excellent comment, but now I’m glad he beat me to it for I suspect he’s done a far better job.
    All I can add is that an old friend of mine has duel British / US citizenship and has worked often in the States – he’s of the opinion America is slowly heading for Soviet style collapse due to this sort of corruption, where money is the point of ALL undertaking, regardless of anything else.

  4. It’s bad enough that men are imprisoned on false accusations but they do have a release date and there is some hope of eventual vindication. Not so for those men who have been executed by authority or murdered by vigilante mobs simply on the say so of a female.

    There’s another gender gap to add to the mountain – the gender justice gap.
    And another – the gender credibility gap.

  5. “How on earth could Scott Espinosa have been convicted?” Happens all the time in our criminal and family courts. Women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting, enslaving, impoverishing, imprisoning and exterminating conscientious and hard-working men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power. In the US, these jurisdictions receive substantial federal subsidies through laws like VAWA for every case (in criminal and family courts) so law enforcement and courts have tremendous incentive for contriving evidence of an innocent man’s guilt. Same with child support. It’s a racket. Fraud. Contriving evidence against innocent men with the deliberate and premeditated intent to defraud him is an industry. These states and their jurisdictions receive substantial federal subsidies for every dollar in child support ordered. So judges have incentive to deny fathers access to their children and order so much child support that a man can’t afford to pay it. And when he can’t, he’s sent to jail. And while he’s in jail and arrears accumulate and the states still get their federal subsidies. So sending him to jail doesn’t stop the federal dollars from pouring in. In fact, the more men in jail, the more federal subsidies to the prison industry. Or he dies on the street. At any rate, he’s a slave and will suffer the consequences that slaves suffer. It literally happens all the time. Every day. The story to which this article links is portrayed as an exception and something that happens only rarely. But it is normal and routine. Just the child support industry alone is at least a 200-billion dollar industry in the US (50-billion dollars in child support are transferred from fathers to mothers annually and cost of courts and law enforcement to affect it given salaries and benefits for all these thugs just for these cases exceeds another 150-bilion dollars). The rape industry is comparable in size. And they frequently work hand-in-hand.

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