Reggie Yates’s Extreme UK: Men at War

At 9pm tonight BBC3 will broadcast the latest in their relentlessly anti-male series on gender issues. Part of the programme will be taken up by a number of London-based MRAs speaking at Hyde Park corner. My thanks to Francis for pointing me to the Radio Times preview of the piece – here – which gives a taste of what we can expect. It starts:

In the second film of the series, Reggie Yates is exploring the men’s rights movement, which this lady reviewer struggles to sympathise with – as does, fortunately, a baffled Yates.

I met the producer and director of the piece some time before filming took place, and they attended a meeting of MGTOWs in London, at which I spoke. It was a condition of attending the meeting, that they did not carry out any video or audio recording. They told me I’d be interviewed by Reggie Yates, but it never happened. Maybe the BBC thought it would be difficult to edit a 1:1 interview into anti-male propaganda. In the same vein, BBC3 didn’t broadcast anything from my 30-minute-long interview with Tyger Drew-Honey.

We’ve assembled quite a list of BBC anti-male pieces, and a selection can be found on our list of Key Posts.

4 thoughts on “Reggie Yates’s Extreme UK: Men at War

  1. I feel was very biased and one sided speaking as an egalitarian. Yes there are male rights activist that say disgusting appropriate commentss who are living in the 60s, and who go too far and lack empathy. At the same time are also those who respect women’s right and want both equality and respect. At the same thing there was like ONE feminist interview protrayed as no sweet as easy….they are not all like that! Are the feminist radicals who are just a digusting who may try and block and harass lectures or group on males issues (including male sucide) who are just as digusting as some male right extremists, who were not intervieweed! Also they never mentioned websites like I hate run by feminist which is no different! So I feel this can such as obvious agenda and very one sides and very unbalanced giving the wrong impression!

  2. Man up, shut up, ‘suck it up’ and give up?

    What we have here is a ‘failure to communicate’.

    More seriously, all we need is to stop putting women’s needs before ours and to start thinking as a class, and voting accordingly.

  3. 96% of prisoners are male,and she fails to sympathise with men’s rights movement ?
    Men die way younger,get retirement later,suffer the lion’s share of fatal accidents on the job,lose custody of children about 95% of the time and she can not understand men’s rights movement?
    I am afraid reason will not be the weapon men will have to use to correct this anomaly.
    Obviously,we are dealing with a bunch of delusional lunatics here.And our response will have to correspond to what we are up against. Gentlemanly tolerance is not gonna cut the mustard this time around. it will only prolong this sick game and make it still worse.

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