Glen Poole: Boys should have the right to say no to feminism

An interesting piece from a self-confessed ‘lapsed male feminist’.

Glen, welcome to the right side of the fence. We look forward to you taking the next rational step, publicly identifying as an anti-feminist, and dissociating yourself from odious people such as Ally Fogg. No rush… take your time.

6 thoughts on “Glen Poole: Boys should have the right to say no to feminism

  1. Where’s the comments section gone in the article 🙂
    I very rarely comment on forums these days – however GP is maturing through his Forties. He’s been told ‘No, you can’t have a crumb from the table of public money plenty’ by the ideologues). One can only assume he’ll finally ‘come off that fence’ and maybe, maybe even apologise to those of us who were doing our best for men issues without asking radfems first. Let’s be honest a lot of his previous articles have seem him and Mr Fogg genuflect at the pc altar first…..I genuinely hope his articulation and awareness are now used more fruitfully than previously……

  2. Mike, I expect you have already considered dropping a short and friendly line to Mr. Poole, perhaps approving of his road to Damascus purple pill moment etc. making one or two observations of your chosing the while as ye go.

  3. Good comment, Mike. As we have discussed, Mr Poole once challenged me for describing Womens Aid as “Shelter Hags”. I proudly stand by that description of a vile feminist lying organisation. Let us all get off the fence.

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