3 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan and some ridiculous feminists interviewed about the ‘Tampon Tax’

  1. Mike you were ABSOLUTELY right about her lying and you’ve totally underestimated the scale of her lie. That 18K figure is the most insane feminist exaggeration yet. Here’s the figures:

    She insanely claims women in the UK spend £18K over a lifetime on sanitary products and even that’s rounded down from the actual figure feminists use which is £18,450

    18,450 / 40 years = £461.25 per year

    Assuming there are 20 million UK women using said products then that tells us the total UK market is worth amazing £9.225 billion each year.

    In reality, most tampons are remarkably cheap and of course what shrinks the cost is that women aren’t using them every day.

    The GLOBAL market is current totals less than £10 billion : http://www.prweb.com/releases/feminine_hygiene_products/sanitary_pads_towels/prweb9233581.htm

    i.e. it seems that some feminist idiot has taken a report about the entire planet, erased billions of women from existence apart from those in the UK and pretended the only women that exist or buy tampons are those in the UK!

    The lie is fully debunked in the Telegraph here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-politics/11957498/The-campaign-to-end-VAT-on-tampons-is-one-of-the-silliest-the-sisterhood-has-ever-mounted.html

    So rather than the actual tax spend being £1,000 in a lifetime it could be as low as £30.

    just think how insane the figure of £18,000 in a lifetime is. Plenty of people don’t even earn that in a year – total madness!

    I think some sort of communication to that feminist presenter proving your were even more correct than you thought is in order given her very determined belief that feminists tell the truth when defending what was clearly about the biggest lie going.

    I’ll be sending out a few tweets at the very least.

  2. The coil is free on the NHS and negates the need for tampons as there is no bleeding cycle while the coil is fitted.

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