MPs will debate male suicide on International Men’s Day

Our thanks to Philip Davies MP for his sterling efforts in achieving this. Hopefully the debate will not be confined to the issue of mental health issues, and men’s reluctance to seek help at times of crisis, but address the burning question of why so many men suffer reactive depression to the extent they take their own lives – the reasons include, of course, denial of access to children after family breakdowns, and denial of support for male victims of domestic violence.

The male:female suicide rate in 2013 was 3.5:1, in 1983 it was 1.7:1.

My International Business Times article on male suicide is here.

Over three years ago, four months before the launch of J4MB, our allied organization the Anti-Feminism League presented Philip Davies with a Winston award. He remains the only politician ever to have one won a Winston award.

7 thoughts on “MPs will debate male suicide on International Men’s Day

  1. I doubt that the debate will move much beyond the “men should talk” narrative . However the acknowledgement of WMD as a reason to have the debate that day is very promising .

  2. It looks as though despite all the poor me bleating and hollow protestations that she (really really) cares about men from the loathsome Jess Phillips,the Backbench Business Committee has been forced to climb down and grant the debate.
    The sisterhood must be so annoyed with Phillips for not being a bit more subtle about her hatred of men.
    Kudos to Philip Davies.

  3. Thanks tv. Many people care, but the politicians don’t care about men and boys. The point of J4MB is to force them to care, because if they don’t, their parties will lose at general elections. That will wake them up!

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