Jess Phillips MP is a sexist bigot

Our thanks to Ken for this. Ms Phillips’s shameful comments when responding to Philip Davies’s application for a debate on men’s issues on International Men’s Day clearly reflected her personal utter disinterest in men’s issues – issues affecting half her electors – and her obsession with women’s issues. From the article:

The MP previously worked helping women who had been abused or were victims of violence.

In her role as a Birmingham councillor she was also chair of a group bringing together the council, police and other agencies to reduce violence against women, which involved examining cases of women in the region who had been killed.

“I have spent my career working with women who have been beaten, raped and exploited. What all failed to understand in the debate, is that women are beaten and raped exactly because they have less value in society. To me it was not about money and wages it was about worth. So as the government marched through the no lobby [in relation to a proposed Labour motion on pay transparency] it felt like we women were worthless. So who can we blame when this week two of us, the worthless, are murdered?”

Her insulting dismissal of an application by Philip Davies MP for a debate on men’s issues on International Men’s Day is here.

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