Jess Phillips MP ‘interviewed’ on Newsnight

Jess Phillips MP was given a predictably easy time by Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis less than an hour ago. The programme has just been released on iPlayer, the interview is here, 19:46 – 25:07.

Judging by her occasionally contrite demeanour, we can safely conclude the sisterhood has told her in no uncertain terms that her visceral misandry must be kept below the radar in future. I can’t recall when a display of misandry last alerted so many people to how utterly vile feminists are.

Her insulting dismissal of an application by Philip Davies MP for a debate on men’s issues on International Men’s Day is here.

4 thoughts on “Jess Phillips MP ‘interviewed’ on Newsnight

  1. She is . And people of good wil need to know it. In my experience far too many people think such people are on the margins thinking up sillinesses such as wide coverage of women’s football, calling god “she” , ranting about seating on the tube . Oblivious to the power held in parliament , civil service , universities and schools. J4Mb do valuable work when they “out” the misandry in high places . Misandry that causes or perpetuates institutional discrimination in Education, Health, Family Courts and indeed the criminal justice system , employment law. Things that affect literally millions of boys and men directly to their detriment.

  2. If Jess Philips MP is an example of the calibre of politician that we will see more of in Parliament as a result of the drive to increase the female head count, I think I must seriously consider joining the French Foreign Legion.

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