Alison Saunders fails to respond to our FOI request by the deadline

It isn’t only Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, who is struggling with our FOI requests. Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, has failed to respond within the 20 working day deadline to our FOI request concerning meetings she’s had since she took on her role, with organizations advocating for victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse. Our letter is here, and in a moment I’ll alert the Crown Prosecution Service to this blog post.

In line with our position on the failure of Theresa May to respond to our FOI request asking why the police aren’t bringing prosecutions in relation to MGM, when MGM is unquestionably illegal, we’ll post a blog piece each week on the delay by Alison Saunders, until we get a response.

2 thoughts on “Alison Saunders fails to respond to our FOI request by the deadline

  1. Which govt department ” owns ” the FOI process and controls? Dept of Justice? There are so very many FOI tesponses failing to meet their own extended guidelines that this ought to br noted and corrected. Is it another case of govt and public sector having no accountability or simply nobody holding them to account in the eyes of their own laws and guidelines?

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