HEqual comments on the policy document of the Women’s Equality party

Earlier today we posted a piece linking to the initial policy document of the Women’s Equality party. With the publication of this absurd document, Sophie Walker – the party’s leader – has nominated herself for a number of our awards, including:

  • Lying Feminist of the Month (already won twice in the space of just three months by Sandy Toksvig, the party’s spokeswoman from the outset)
  • Gormless Feminist of the Month
  • Whiny Feminist of the Month

I was pleased to see some comments by HEqual in response to the piece, and they’re reproduce here, with his permission. They take up the remainder of this blog post:

“What’s often most interesting about these documents is not so much what’s said, but what things are absent which might have been present a few years ago.

Not so long ago, feminists would go on and on about domestic violence and that would be a key term in almost any feminist document. Once the truth started to get out about dv and just how many men were victims, feminists realised they’d lost the arguments and that their lies really weren’t so effective any more. Therefore we see them increasingly abandoning the term “domestic violence” particularly in official policy documents and instead they’re now excluding men by moving the goalposts and introducing the term “violence against women”. The is essentially a completely meaningless term which has come to mean “any bad thing that ever happened or might happen to a women”.

I’m always puzzled and annoyed by this whole “violence against women because of their gender” nonsense and don’t see enough people debunking this crap. I expect you’ll come up against it in a debate before too long Mike, here’s my view, would love to hear other arguments debunking it

1. Domestic violence comes about due to living with a person. No gender is being targeted, it’s only predominantly male on female and female on male because most people are in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

2. The armed forces generally don’t conscript women and it’s rare for them to serve in front line and dangerous positions in war (just look at the gender breakdown of combat deaths in recent wars for proof of this). Therefore ever military conflict is essentially violence against men with men dying because they are men.

3. We have very strong social norms in our society that men should should NEVER be violent towards women, children or even animals, even in self defence. Therefore, the only violence considered acceptable by society is violence against men. If men are the only legitimate target for violence then it’s actually fairer to say that all the violence against men is “because of their gender” – the exact opposite of the feminist position.”

2 thoughts on “HEqual comments on the policy document of the Women’s Equality party

  1. I forgot this:

    4. Feminists quite rightly highlight FGM and classify it as “violence against women” which is pretty much correct (although as with a lot of things they highlight it’s technically violence against girls). It’s an horrific act, particularly the most extreme types, yet it’s completely at odds with the WEP agenda of attacking and blaming men for violence against women becasue the practice is “overwhelmingly” carried out by women. Furthermore, if FGM is violence against women that occurs “becasue of their gender”, then it’s equally true that MGM is also violence against men becasue of THEIR gender. The WEP states “It is a stain on our society that women can be murdered, violated, assaulted or oppressed because of their gender” yet the mutilation of males is not just a stain on society, but on the government, doctors, NHS and taxpayers with this form of violence against men funded by a number of charities and even NHS trusts!

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